The mask I wear to hide my ugliness from your disguised rotten self!

The rope of lies I throw at your ears perfected to play deaf!
The glasses of superficial vision you wear to judge my fake beauty!

You judge the roles I fake, and you judge like it’s your duty!
The silent gait with I pass by appears to you, needs your concern

I lowered my voice, to be unheard, and to listen unsaid you learned
The costume I wear for the act, you speak of what’s beneath yet you don’t see

I am tangled in thread of Faking, and you hate me ,for you think I am free
The show is on and not either of us is refrained from the act

From the seat you watch, and how good you watch, i watch back
The theatre goes on forever, as they brought in a civilized custom 

They made us free, free to become anything but we, and leashed our freedom

My Sun

When you came first time, you brought a spark

lamp of gold shining bright in dark
You told me you got me my own sun

Mesmerised, i belived that it was the one
I danced in joy of the golden light

I rotated around, rejoiced at its sight
As i kept falling harder, and harder i fell

Sun was gone and he as well
He took away the lamp to look for his broken star

I stood right there, light kept moving far
Then he came second time empty handed

Explained that the light soon would be landed
I knew this time it wasnt golden sun

In doubt i waited, and nothing happened
It was last straw as you come and go

You played enough with my desire to love
Now as i sit here i started to think

I will find my own star that wont stop to blink
I will search inside of me deep down

I will follow my own light, my heart’s sound
So now if you ever think to return, just know

I found my sun, you might try and get some snow


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Narrow street, stony way

Walls of bricks, painted gray

Lifeless people walking in row

Following one ahead, mimicing they go

Dark sky above their heads

Filled with stars and glowing threads

They dont pay attention, they dont look above

They keep no desire to dream and love

I walk in that line head raised up

I lag behind, many times got bumped

They say look down and do the job

Or leave the line ’cause it wont stop

Here comes the dilemma, the conflict of intrests!

I happen to want ‘best of both worlds’

I want to fly, explore the sky and come back

Walk in line with happiness i lack

They dont understand, they say i am escaping the tough

How i tell them life is too short to do things you dont love!

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