Decision Or JuSt A Coincidence!


That was all the money I had. It wasn’t much but lot for a new college student. It was for his birthday. But I had to make a choice. Either I buy him a fancy present or use them to get help forgetting him! 

You will say I made a choice, i say it was a coincidence. I wasn’t the kind of person who will make the kind of choice I made. I was vulnerable, desperate and alone. I wasn’t strong enough to look for emotional independence. On the contrary I was the one looking for emotional security in others. I knew if it was an active decision made by me I would have chosen to please him in hope of seducing him into being with me. I was desperate. But I didnt! Surprising as it is for me, I chose for the first time to give myself a chance. I chose to take help despite the fact I was told that it might turn out to be waste of time and money. That one coincidence acted as the small yet significant hit to the first disc of dominos laid out in the form of turning point in my life. Discs are still falling over another one by one, opening doors filled with new colors for me. It is still going on. It hasn’t stopped yet and it would be another coincidence if this chain of events will end up taking me where my heart will find the peace and my soul will find the answers. 

Decisions are huge. You think about them, analyze the possibilities and pick the one you think will serve you best. Coincidences just happen. Fraction of a second. In a zing. Flicker. Zap! They don’t even give you time to realize what just happened. And then one day, you see the word coincidence and think about it and it hits your mind that, that one moment which changed your life was nothing but it!


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