Begin Again!

Do i need to stop looking because those who aren’t appear to be at a calmer place than i do? 

I am not sure that there are answers but if I don’t even search for them, that will only make me feel more miserable. So here is to the new start. Here is to the new beginning. I realized this a few days back that if you have lot of opinions and you are loud and firm about them, others feel threatened by them. They tell you that everyone is entitled to their own opinions when you don’t even try to pull theirs down. I am not going to stop having lots of opinions because they serve me well. I am not slave to them either. They just help me make observations and take up new risks. They are like my observation to my social experiments and I am.not ashamed of them. But I might lower down my pitch a notch. I might use my typing speed than my loud voice to let them out. I am not popular. Not many gonna read and not many gonna get offended. They ‘ll be out of me and I will have space for more new stuff. Lets see how this little social experiment work out. Lets see how the world of letters treats my opinions. 


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