The mask I wear to hide my ugliness from your disguised rotten self!

The rope of lies I throw at your ears perfected to play deaf!
The glasses of superficial vision you wear to judge my fake beauty!

You judge the roles I fake, and you judge like it’s your duty!
The silent gait with I pass by appears to you, needs your concern

I lowered my voice, to be unheard, and to listen unsaid you learned
The costume I wear for the act, you speak of what’s beneath yet you don’t see

I am tangled in thread of Faking, and you hate me ,for you think I am free
The show is on and not either of us is refrained from the act

From the seat you watch, and how good you watch, i watch back
The theatre goes on forever, as they brought in a civilized custom 

They made us free, free to become anything but we, and leashed our freedom


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