My Sun

When you came first time, you brought a spark

lamp of gold shining bright in dark
You told me you got me my own sun

Mesmerised, i belived that it was the one
I danced in joy of the golden light

I rotated around, rejoiced at its sight
As i kept falling harder, and harder i fell

Sun was gone and he as well
He took away the lamp to look for his broken star

I stood right there, light kept moving far
Then he came second time empty handed

Explained that the light soon would be landed
I knew this time it wasnt golden sun

In doubt i waited, and nothing happened
It was last straw as you come and go

You played enough with my desire to love
Now as i sit here i started to think

I will find my own star that wont stop to blink
I will search inside of me deep down

I will follow my own light, my heart’s sound
So now if you ever think to return, just know

I found my sun, you might try and get some snow


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