Why is it so difficult to love people?

I am a pro-life person. I like to believe that I have spiritual beliefs. I want to be all those things which enlightened souls are characterized with. But before I can be the one with ultimate knowledge of Course I need to have some very important habits. I had been exploring a little and I came across a list of things that are necessary to be developed in you as a person before you complete the step one on the path of finding out ‘who you are’. I might put up the list some other time. 
Well, the most important thing that we recognize as being spiritual is being ‘detached’. Those who are aware and know the truth of their being are no longer affinity to material and their association are free of attachment and suffering. As amazing as it sounds, it is equally hard to attain and definitely requires lots and lots of focus and will power. 

I am working on loving everyone without prejudice. Accepting everyone the way they are or they wish to be. Trust me I am a very average human being and it is very difficult of let go things. I am just a beginner just like I am on the blogging front. I have my own issues with certain kind of people and like every normal person I have my types too. That’s what exactly I am trying to get over. There is already enough classification in the world on the basis of race, religion and other basis that I want to end the diversified world inside me. I want to remove the columns of classification and love everyone equally and unconditionally. 

No I will try to list out how I tried to love people and how I failed drastically!

  1. BEING NICE: I had always been a very straight forward person who would speak her mind and just expect people to handle my opinions cause everyone is entitled to them. That is fine unless you are a black sheep and your opinions never ever get along with anyone else. Anyways but then I tried to change my approach. Its fine to have a different point of few but I have no right to impose my beliefs on someone else. So now I would speak my kind but less aggressively. I ‘ll be gentle and nice so that people at least comfortable to have a conversation on the point. But things change the moment you change your attitude. Since the time I had been soft and nice about my approach, people have suddenly become aggressively bout theirs. Its like no-one knows anymore how to listen unless you make them. I realized I was being heard because I was ready to defend my case but now that I was not that defensive about it, they got the upper hand. Well at least I learned one thing that we are so badly conditioned to hold our belief system that it feels threatened to have anyone trying to change the way we think or feel. We are not just insecure about our spot in society but also our thoughts and belief system. At least I was so now I try to be more flexible and try go take it all in. But my this approach really made me risk my self esteem.
  2. BE A LISTENER: so I realized that I have a lot  to say but I don’t hear from people very often so I thought maybe listening to them will help me get closer to them. I was willing to listen to their life, their stories, their hardships and their dreams. But not everyone in this world has a harass approach towards life. People are amazing but things they talk about can really disappoint you. I mean you don’t want to sit for two hours and hear them crib about how bad their boyfriends are or how blotchy that girl next door is or who is hooking up with who. There were some amazing interactions too but the unnecessary ones were really a lesson learnt. Already now I am pretty clear about what would prioritize in my list of topics when it comes to have a conversation.
  3. HELP THEM: This was came rather easy when it is about something you can do for someone like hand over a thing they need and give them a hand with their work. But there is another kind of help that is verbal help. I am on med school and we have lots of stress in life no doubt so with time I become good enough to counsel people out of doing stupid things like not taking a test on time because they think they can’t. But the thing about people is they don’t really want your help in dealing with the situation, they somehow want you to agree at how miserable they are and then sort of validate their weakness by telling them yeah its okay, you can skip on it. No-one wants to know that they are strong and they can face all the odds rather they want me to agree to their miserable life and allow them to chicken out.But already I learned that being weak is just a state of mind and I would never ever give up on my self just like that. 

Well it wasn’t that bad of an experience because I learned a lot myself. I am an ambivert and i hardly connect with anyone on the deeper level but this was an ice breaking experience. At least my social skills did develop a little. At least I know about people a little more so it might be easier to ignore few prejudices and I can accept them the way they are now even in a better way now. Well At least I hope so because I genuinely want to get over myself and accept everyone. I am gonna keep working.


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