Spiritual healing and modern medicine!

All right I am gonna try this prompt thing today.


I am a medical student. I am almost done with my two and a half year of training. I had been to my rotations in ward and I have met sick people and have tried to enable a conversation with them. Its always overwhelming. I am still not used to it. 

I am gonna be a doctor soon, right but do I want to treat sick people in conventional way? No! I don’t. Its noble and worth every day of hard work but I am little more ambitious and forgive me for being so as I don’t want to sit in a clinic and prescribe meds to everyone who walks in. Its a great profession and such a helpful one but I want to take a step to innovate it a little.

When I started med school, I suffered depression and I took help. During the process my focus shifted towards spirituality and it intrigued me enough to accept it as the way I am gonna live my life. I am from India and I had known enough about spiritual healing. My spiritual teacher himself has practiced it and it sounds fascinating. It’s like curing people without drugs. Its like having a way out of the artificial health measures.

 As a medical student I know that our body has a certain amount of ability to heal itself. So there must be a way to exaggerate that system and train our mind in certain way that we can heal ourselves. We human beings are extraordinary creation of nature. We have endless potential. We just have to realize it, be aware of it. We just have to get out of the maze of suffering and realize our true self, the kind of energy we posses, we can do wonders. We are conscious!

We have no cure for cancer, maybe this is the missing link. We have no cure for degenerative disorders, maybe this will lead us to the breakthrough. I mean it can right? Well of course we ain’t sure but I believe its worth trying. When someone asks me what I am gonna do (as in what am I gonna specialize in) ? I tell them, I am gonna treat people without giving them drugs. I am gonna make people healthy and happy. That’s what I am gonna specialize in.


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