‘Forget about faith’

“Forget about faith! You didnt need faith to fly, you needed to understand flying.”

When you were a little baby and you didnt understand the world, the light. When you knew nothing of the life and your existence. When you used to startle at every kind of noise and every kind of chime. When you only knew to sleep and eat and pee. At that time do you have even the slightest idea about the amount of curiosity you carried in your tiny head and cute little hands? Whatever thing you would get your hands on you would just put or try to put that in your mouth and everyone would smile at this act of yours and the curiosity you have to examine everything that amazed you. That innocent gesture meant more than it was taken as to be. That gesture explained the human nature, the idea behind the human existence which is to explore, find and conclude. At that time you didnt think of what is good to be tasted or touched and what is not. Even if they try to refrain you from getting into trouble you wont understand and even if you understood you dont stop. You wail and you cry and made them miserable that either they end up giving you what you wanted or you might end up getting something more fascinating to divert your mind. But still in back of your mind that thing stays and eventually you ll again wail for that until you get it. This is something every baby does and it is something taken for granted but do you try to understand the deep meaning that this activity of every kid? It is indeed the normal behaviour of a man which he starts to exhibit just when he comes to life with his fine working vitals. This is what he should grow up doing and this is what he should keep on doing till his existence vanishes. But does that happens? No, it doesnt. Because as a kid grows up, he is refrained from asking, thinking, doing. He is afraid of punishment for doing unusual things from parents. First you gift the baby with delicacies and when he likes them more you use it as a bait. Either you tell him to stop doing random things his brain thinks of keeping those delicacies as bait and if somehow his strong will gets over the greed, you snantch away that previlege from him totally. You destroy his normal mind setup and his innocence. He is not doing mistakes. He is doing what he is supposed to do that is learning right by doing wrong. And when he grows up you control him by telling him that now that you cant really punish him anymore, that God will land down the earth and punish him on the doomsday for doing wrong. You develop something called faith in him. You force him to live a life in denial. Heartbreak is a part of life, you give him an excuse to live in ignorance.

When a child learns to walk, do you think he has some kind of faith that he can walk? No. There is nothing like faith a one year old can understand. Its just the curiousity to reach the things that facinate him creates the urge to get up and walk to them. He takes support and leaves support. He falls, gets hurt and cries. And then he gets up again and just like that, step by step he learns to walk in a desire to get all that stuff that awed him so much. He had no faith. He didnt give up on falling. He didn’t stop trying believing that some supernatural miracle will happen and he will get those things in his hands just like that. A one year old tries because he had no faith named chain stopping him, no rules and procedures refraining him. He just want those sparkling things up there and he doesnt care if those are important or not, he would just try and walk and get them.

What happened to us? Why did we
stopped trying that hard? Because we believe if it is destined to happen, if we are destined to get there we will. This is what we grown up adults think out of life. This is what our full developed and experienced brain can do best. It totally sounds like a lame excuse. A one year old whose corticospinal tracts(a very important motor pathway) has not developed fully seems to live more humanly than how we will eventually force him to live under the rules set by society.

Those who choose to break free and live for what pleases them are not people with green blood. They are not different. Everyone was born with the same abilities. Its not that they carry an insane mind and you happen to think straight and dont want to make your life complicated. You and they were born to do exactly that. Its just you developed the coat of faith and destiny over you and became coward like others but they realized the roots of their existence and didnt let anything cloud their stars. They understood how to live on their own. They try to find the true reasons to live unlike you who live for things that are not even your own.


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